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    Stuxnet Mutating

    Stuxnet Mutating

    I’m glad this has happened to them, not us.  As reported by The Washington Post:

    Iran suspects that a foreign organization or nation designed “Stuxnet,” a quickly mutating computer worm that has been infiltrating industrial computer systems in the Islamic republic, a high-ranking official said Monday.

    “We had anticipated that we could root out the virus within one to two months,” Hamid Alipour, deputy head of Iran’s Information Technology Co., a part of the ministry of communication and information technology, told the Islamic Republic News Agency. “But the virus is not stable, and since we started the cleanup process three new versions of it have been spreading,” he said.

    If the Israelis really are behind this, I wonder how the Islamists feels about being out-foxed by the sons of monkeys and pigs.

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    i mean to add a little more to my point… remember the y2k bug. remember the hyseria over that. omg, elevators will suddenly plummet. planes will fall out of the sky. it will be armagedden! We will be reduced to a real life version of fallout 3!

    And then it turned out to be a big nothing. i mean some of that was programming updates, but more than a few news sources pointed out that our lives were not nearly that well automated to cause all the disasters we feared. for the same reason, how much can a virus or worm really do?

    I worked on some of that y2k remediation. A lot of people did a great job against a hard deadline. They will never be appreciated for what didn't happen.

    We must hope that Stuxnet does not mutate (or be genetically reengineered) to attack Western computers.

    What keeps it targeted at Iran's computers only? Is it looking for "Microsoft Windows" or "Nuclear Control Module" in Persian?

    Actually ENIAC the first American computer did do work for the Manhattan Project. see the section on programming

    Priority for digital electronic computers goes to COLOSSUS which was used to break the LORENZ cipher

    No, no. It's not "sons of monkeys and pigs." It's "sons of monkeys, apes, and pigs." If you're going to quote the compliment, you must get it entirely right.

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