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    Stop Me Before I Say Something I Regret

    Stop Me Before I Say Something I Regret

    I know that you realize it, but this is a two-front political war.

    I have read some profoundly stupid commentary on the right about Christine O’Donnell, pronouncing O’Donnell’s campaign dead because of a sophomoric series of appearances in the 1990s on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

    It appears that some people are hoping for an O’Donnell loss so they can say “I told you so.”

    I’m glad I took the day(light) off from blogging for the holiday, so I’ll have the overnight to resist saying something I will regret.

    See you in the morning.

    Update: Not everyone has my impulse control.

    Update 9-19-2010: It’s morning in America, Memo to the Right: “The Lombardi Rule” Is In Effect.

    And, O’Donnell says that her “dabbling into witchcraft” was in high school.  In normal times, the conservatives who have declared her campaign dead would apologize, but we do not live in normal times.  Instead, they have doubled-down today with incredibly snotty updates to the post linked above.  You want seething Republican arrogance, you got seething Republican arrogance.

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    Yeah, a friend of mine sent the FOX article to me. Meh….we all do stupid $h!7 when we are young.

    Well I am Miss Goody-Two shoes because I never dabbled in witchcraft. I have no intention of dabbling in witchcraft.

    However, I am somewhat guilty of dabbling in what is in fact known as the occult. Ooooh shock horror!!

    Explaination: I sometimes read my Horoscope. My birth sign is Leo. I know the traits of the Leo person, and there is no way that aka Øbama acts like a Leo, especially for someone whose alleged birth date (not year) is so close to my own. From time to time I actually read what the horoscope says, usually for giggles. However, at one point I saw a horoscope that was almost accurate and was nearly taken in.

    I do not read Tarot cards, have my aura read, read tea leaves, or even go near a fortune teller.

    As for Powerline, all I can say is that I am disappointed that they are indulging in this kind of nonsense.

    El Gran Combo – Brujeria (sorry for awful audio quality):

    I've been reading Powerline for a long time, and they're pretty straight shooters. The notion that they're doing this because they "have" to be right is baloney: they've been wrong plenty of times in the past and have admitted as such. And if they're Beltway insiders, they're the only ones I've ever heard do two hours of radio live from the Minnesota State Fair.

    There are two undeniable facts here: one, as utterly hypocritical as it may be, liberals will go after her solidly for this. The Maher show clips will be running on the air relentlessly.

    Two, she was not vetted properly and this is coming as a surprise to her people. Maher held on to these details in hopes she'd win the primary, and their inexperience has given him the initiative.

    Now, whether this really means her career is done before it even started, that's a prediction, and Powerline may well be eating crow come November. But you can't get flustered over a prediction and then deny the seriousness of the situation, and that her people made a huge rookie mistake.

    If they refuse to acknowledge that mistake, to own that mistake and fully internalize it, they will make it in the future. This isn't about "told you so" or other crap, it's about running a solid operation.

    "I've been reading Powerline for a long time, and they're pretty straight shooters."

    Only Hinderocker does the Minnesota State Fair show. I have no clue where Scott Johnson is, but Paul lives and works in Washington, DC. I have no clue if he has ever been to Minnesota. Paul is notorious for being a squishy insider RINO type.

    As for vetting, O'Donnell was appropriately vetted and found to be a fully-qualified real person. These issues that you and your leftist buddies are raising are irrelevant compared to the destruction that you're inflicting on our nation. After years of abusing your power you suddenly find yourselves losing it, so sorry, but we will not allow ourselves to be sidetracked by irrelevant issues by our "friends" who are just worried about seeing us prevail over our political opponents. /sarc

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