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    Stop Me Before I Say Something I Regret

    Stop Me Before I Say Something I Regret

    I know that you realize it, but this is a two-front political war.

    I have read some profoundly stupid commentary on the right about Christine O’Donnell, pronouncing O’Donnell’s campaign dead because of a sophomoric series of appearances in the 1990s on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

    It appears that some people are hoping for an O’Donnell loss so they can say “I told you so.”

    I’m glad I took the day(light) off from blogging for the holiday, so I’ll have the overnight to resist saying something I will regret.

    See you in the morning.

    Update: Not everyone has my impulse control.

    Update 9-19-2010: It’s morning in America, Memo to the Right: “The Lombardi Rule” Is In Effect.

    And, O’Donnell says that her “dabbling into witchcraft” was in high school.  In normal times, the conservatives who have declared her campaign dead would apologize, but we do not live in normal times.  Instead, they have doubled-down today with incredibly snotty updates to the post linked above.  You want seething Republican arrogance, you got seething Republican arrogance.

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    We, technically speaking, dabbled–until my wife figured out that the priest of our nominally Christian church was teaching witchcraft.

    But when yoiu approach the problem later this morning, please remember that:

    Witchcraft is legal in many states.
    Cocaine is illegal.
    Witchcraft is legal in many states.
    Marijuana is illegal in many states.
    Witchcraft is legal in many states.
    Voter intimidation is illegal in some states.
    Witchcraft is legal in many states.
    Tax evasion is illegal.
    Witchcraft is legal in many states.

    One of us ought to work out what "desperation" looks like.

    And who is suffering it.


    I don't give a rat's ass if O'Donnell shows up in Washington buck naked swinging a dead cat over her head singing the soundtrack to Mama Mia! backwards as long as she doesn't vote with the opposition 70% of the damn time.

    Powerline is not just inside the beltway, it's specifically aligned with Karl Rove. Remember, it came into prominence during Bush certificate controversy. They never have anything interesting to say. I am more and more convinced that these are Karl Rove shills and the campaign against Christine is being waged by all former Rovians- Powerline, Patterico, Frum, Krauthammer. SOmething else is going on behind the scenes than mere "elitism."

    By the time we reach our 40's, most of us aren't the same person we were when we were 20. The fact that we aren't is a sign of growth and maturity. If O'Donnell were still flitting around trying to "find herself", I might be concerned but it appears she knows who she is.

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