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    Stop Me Before I Say Something I Regret

    Stop Me Before I Say Something I Regret

    I know that you realize it, but this is a two-front political war.

    I have read some profoundly stupid commentary on the right about Christine O’Donnell, pronouncing O’Donnell’s campaign dead because of a sophomoric series of appearances in the 1990s on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

    It appears that some people are hoping for an O’Donnell loss so they can say “I told you so.”

    I’m glad I took the day(light) off from blogging for the holiday, so I’ll have the overnight to resist saying something I will regret.

    See you in the morning.

    Update: Not everyone has my impulse control.

    Update 9-19-2010: It’s morning in America, Memo to the Right: “The Lombardi Rule” Is In Effect.

    And, O’Donnell says that her “dabbling into witchcraft” was in high school.  In normal times, the conservatives who have declared her campaign dead would apologize, but we do not live in normal times.  Instead, they have doubled-down today with incredibly snotty updates to the post linked above.  You want seething Republican arrogance, you got seething Republican arrogance.

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    @Ben – the issue is not whether a particular blogger is a straight shooter, but whether at this point in the process they are aiming at the right target.

    Consevatives throwing temper tantrums over a blog post that will ultimately have no influence over the election result can only make liberals smile. I don't know if that's profoundly stupid but I wouldn't exactly call it smart

    i'd rather have someone who dabbled in withcraft and majored in fiscal sanity than someone who majored in marxism and bankrupted his county. Blast Karl Rove for never once mentioning the oversized faults of the democrap opponent of O'Donnell while he's been crucifying her. Coons has much more to answer for than O'Donnell.

    The irony of all of this- which (or should that be witch?…) I'm sure is lost on the Powerline bloggers and others in their efforts to hype the this story- is the fact that if O'Donnell were a liberal, feminist Democrat running for office in certain liberal areas of the country, admitting that she had 'dabbled in witchcraft' might actually be seen as a positive. I don't simply mean that jokingly- many feminist writers have embraced Wicca as a form of defiance against real/perceived 'injustices created by patriarchal structures' (especially during the ERA 1970's), and various witchcraft denominations exist honoring the Goddess Diana to provide a female-centric spirituality.

    All of this of course, is not something you would expect to find in a conservative politician, and I doubt O'Donnell in her high school years was thinking along these lines. But with all the negative things about Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, etc. that never prevented them from holding office, why does this one fact have to be the end of her career supposedly to the Powerline guys, especially when it is obvious that she eventually found herself? I think hoping for a loss in order to say "I told you so" really does explain it.

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