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    Some Mysteries Which May Never Be Solved

    Some Mysteries Which May Never Be Solved

    Willing to consider additional examples:

    • What happened to D.B. Cooper.
    • Who killed the Hamas guy in Dubai.
    • What grade Obama received in Con Law.
    • Who spread the Stuxnet malware.
    • Why the Democrats thought Obamacare would be popular.
    • When hope lost out to fear.

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    Actually the D.B. Cooper case was solved on an episode of "Numb3rs" this past season. 😉

    Related question, did Obama even take Con Law at Harvard? He hasn't released his transcripts (not that that would stop the media if a republican hopeful refused to release his educational records-they would be on the front page of the NY Slimes before you could say Jackie Robinson)so we don't know any of the courses he took let alone his grades. (It's also possible that Harvard has pass/fail rather than letter grades, so even releasing the grades might not matter).

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