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    Sharron Angle Who Cannot Win Slightly Ahead Of Harry Reid

    Sharron Angle Who Cannot Win Slightly Ahead Of Harry Reid

    Fox News has released a set of polls of likely voters, including in the Nevada Senate race, showing Sharron Angle up a point, 45-44.  This is consistent with several recent polls showing the race a dead heat:

    Angle drew 45 percent support, while Reid took in 44 percent. Five percent opted for “none of these,” Nevada’s unique ballot option that allows one to vote against all the candidates on offer. And Reid’s path to victory depends on growing the number of “none of these” voters.

    Reid’s low job approval in the survey – 40 percent said he was doing a good job, while 55 percent disagree – helps explain the Democratic strategy of encouraging “none of the above” votes.

    The responses to this question should have the Reid folks scared to death:

    If you had to pick between just these two choices, which would you say is more important when deciding your vote for Senate this year — is your decision based more on national political issues or more on your feelings about the candidates themselves?

    Decision is based more on national political issues — 77%
    Decision is based more on your feelings about the candidates themselves — 19%
    Not sure — 4% 

    The race is nationalized, as much as Reid has tried to paint Angle as a potentially violent extremist who is nuts.

    It’s a good thing for Democrats that Sharron Angle cannot win, otherwise she’d be far ahead of the entrenched incumbent who has raised $20 million for the campaign and has spent billions in taxpayer dollars buying support in Nevada.

    Because that is the meme of the day.  Crazy people like Christine O’Donnell Sharron Angle cannot win a general election because they are nuts, and did I say crazy?

    Update:  Other polls are in, with a similar result of a virtual dead heat:

    Rasmussen 48-48 with leaners, 46-46 without leaners.Mason-Dixon Reid up 46-44——————————————–
    Reuters IPSOS Reid up 46-44

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    If we had just listened to the likes of John Burke and The Ghost back in 2008, we could've avoided all this idealism and ideology and elected someone with more moderate credentials to stand up to Obama and win the Whitehouse. We could've selected someone more 'electable' like say, McCain! Oh yeah, we did.

    (1) John McCain won the GOP nomination fair and square.

    (2) If John McCain is a "RINO" — as so many like quiznilo contend, lumping him together with Snowe and Collins, even the former Specter — then there can be no hope for the future of the GOP. Next thing you know, quiznilo will be saying that both Bushes are "RINOs" too — oh, wait…he already did!

    (3) None of the supposedly more conservative 2008 contenders — Huckabee, et al. — could have bettered McCain's vote in an extraordinary uphill fight against the economic tsunami that struck in September. Until tghen, McCain was doing just fine. Anyone who thinks the economy was not the decisive issue in 2008 has a very bad memory.

    (4) Were it not for McCain, no one would ever have heard of Sarah Palin outside Alaska. (And there are even some arch-rightists now referring incoherently to "McPalin" as the ultimate ruling class enemy!)

    (5) None of this in any case has anything to do with Delaware. O'Donnell is a flake and a loser. If she were not a flake and a loser, she might win in November and no one would be complaining, least of all me.

    (Sarcasm on) And don't forget that they're also sluts, to boot! (Sarcasm off)

    GOP liberals have said conservatives lose since 1964. They dumped on Ronnie worse than on Sarah or Christine. The"big Tent" GOPers are anythng but. They are the true bigots. They hate conservatives and will do anything to smear them including false sex claims – remember back only a few months in Carolina. It was left wing GOP with the sex smear not Dems!

    If she's up by a few points in news media polling, that means she is up by a lot. You gotta spot the GOP candidate 1-2 points just from polling bias.

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