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    Rachel Maddow Sexualizes Christine O’Donnell

    Rachel Maddow Sexualizes Christine O’Donnell

    Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware primary last night, and within minutes (literally) über liberal Rachel Maddow started running video and commentary on MSNBC about O’Donnell’s views on masturbation.

    The pretext for sexualizing O’Donnell was a 1996 video in which O’Donnell was interviewed about her conservative Christian views on sex.

    Before Maddow’s post, the subject mostly was the subject of left-wing bloggers, but Maddow took it mainstream on MSNBC’s primetime coverage.

    An almost 15-year old video was all the excuse Maddow needed to take the story national.  Because the fate of the nation turns on whether O’Donnell masturbates, at least to Maddow.

    One can understand why Alan Colmes would get all excited about the subject, but why the person who runs the liberal feminist blog Feministe?

    Because liberal feminism is dead, and has been for years. 

    Liberal feminism began its death spiral no later than when Democratic Party loyalists defended serial abuser Bill Clinton and demonized his victims (right around the time of O’Donnell’s interview, as coincidence would have it).

    The liberal feminist death march has continued through the sexualized attacks on Sarah Palin and other conservative women in more recent times.

    But, it’s not like I didn’t see this coming.


    Update:  The always classy NY Times starts off its headline article hit piece about O’Donnell’s win with this paragraph:

    In the bright light of Wednesday morning, Christine O’Donnell, whose Republican primary victory upended the calculus for future control of the United State Senate, became quickly known to Americans as the woman who once made dire warnings about the negative impact of masturbation.

    New Post, same subject:  “What’s up w/obsession about O’Donnell’s opinions on sex?”

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    You seriously called this, sir, and I linked to you in two different articles. Good call, and thank you. I'm documenting the atrocities here:

    "Midwestern Avenger, the woman Clinton raped was named Juanita Broaddrick. I'm not going to waste my time finding links for the long list of others he abused, but suffice it to day that you're the one who's full of crap. In fact, if you're going to make thaose kinds of charges, you're the one who needes to come up with links to back them up."

    You didn't even bother "wasting time" to find even a single link. You linked to WorldNetDaily, a racist, bigoted right wing hate machine. You're pathetic.

    "Also, the higher rate of STDs, pregnancies and abortions? You would be right to blame that at least in part on the more liberal view of sex education in today's society. Abstinence, you'll recall, is 100% effective in preventing all of those things. Easier said than done, but it's definitely something to strive for."

    The rates in the United States are higher than just about all the more liberal countries on sex: Canada, the Scandinavian countries, etc.

    Rachel Maddow is a little shriveled up ball of hate. No other way to put it.

    Scrounging up a 14 year old video of a girl promoting individual sexual purity is the first thing Maddow does when Odonnell wins.

    You can just hear the venom dripping.

    Christians can be phenomenally stupid at times, especially when it comes to ……. well, ANYTHING. Some of the public statements Christians make are really dumb. This is NOT one of those statements, though. It is a statement about an issue that is if anything, personal. However, CHRISTIANS DID NOT DRAG THIS PERSONAL ISSUE INTO THE PUBLIC ARENA. It was out there by….. OUR FEDERAL OFFICIALS. Kids saw the news every night, and leaders in the church felt they needed to respond.

    Maddow is doing everything she can to intimate that O'Donnell is wack about sex. Rather, this seems to be simply a young woman attempting to stand up for what she believes is true and correct. This video was made in the recent context of that LOON of a surgeon general Jocelyn Elders, who was, as the US Chief Medical officer, instructing kids that a great way to avoid AIDS or sexual diseases was to masturbate. This was during the presidency of the chief horn dog himself, who was servicing a young intern on her knees in the oval office. All the sexual maelstrom at the time WAS COMING FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Elders had resigned as Surgeon General a few short months back, and "getting a Lewinsky" was becoming street slang. In this context, a young woman says in essence "Sex is not primarily about selfishness and personal pleasure. It is designed by the Creator to be something to make two people closer together and to give EACH OTHER pleasure. In short, it is about love, and not lust."

    This is fuel, then, for the sneering contempt of Rachel Maddow. It is amazing that those who claim not to believe the Bible consistently behave EXACTLY as the Bible describes they will.

    actual thinker:

    Granted, it's based on region. But as you can see, North America has lower STD rates than both Eastern and Western Europe. Thoughts?

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