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    Memo to the Right: “The Lombardi Rule” Is In Effect

    Memo to the Right: “The Lombardi Rule” Is In Effect

    We have heard so much about the supposed Buckley Rule, which Charles Krauthammer and other Mike Castle supporters over-simplistically synthesized as follows:

    “Support the most conservative candidate who is electable.”

    The Buckley Rule is for primaries.  The Delaware primary is over.  To paraphrase Krauthammer, Castle supporters didn’t go to Delaware and make it happen.

    The choice now is between Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons.

    Yet some of our leading bloggers and pundits are on a mission to prove that they were right, and that O’Donnell was not the best pick.  To that end, they regurgitate every snippet of gossip and every tape from the 1990s without context or reflection, much less waiting until the O’Donnell campaign has a chance to respond.

    They must have a pretty dim view of the voters in Delaware to think that some sophomoric videos from the 1990s outweigh the national issues hovering over the race, not to mention Coons’ recent problems, like multiple tax increases and an exploding budget deficit in his county.

    Do these bloggers on the right think that someone whose job just got shipped to China because of our excessive regulation and taxes gives half a crap about whether Christine O’Donnell “dabled into witchcraft” when she was younger?

    Do our self-appointed guardians of “the Buckley Rule” think that the tens of thousands of Delawareans who will be forced off their private health plans, whose businesses will be decimated by cap-and-trade, whose 2nd Amendment rights are under attack, whose right to be left the hell alone is about to evaporate, really care that when Christine O’Donnell was young and irresponsible, she was young and irresponsible?

    Does high blog traffic trump our collective national desire to see our kids grow up in a nation in which the state is the servant not the master (h/t Margaret Thatcher)?

    To those on the right playing into the Think Progress and Media Matters playbook because they think it makes them look wise, don’t you see the game? 

    The left is doing to O’Donnell exactly what they did to Sharron Angle — swamp her with accusations and nonsense in the days after the primary to keep her from organizing her campaign.  The Nevada primary was months ago, so Angle had a chance to recover.  O’Donnell doesn’t have that luxury of time given the late primary.  She needs to integrate millions of dollars in new cash, gear up with staff, and plan her attack. 

    With each of your self-righteous columns and snide blog posts, you become part of the problem not part of the solution.

    The woman (at the time, a young woman) went on MTV and Maher and who knows where else, and said some things that she would not say now.  For that sin you are ready to toss her overboard so that you can declare yourselves to have been wiser than the unwashed voters who elected her in the primary?

    And we call the Democrats elitist snobs?  Stop being so damn selfish.  November is not about who was right or wrong in the primaries.  If Castle had won, O’Donnell supporters would have rallied around him, or at least kept their mouths shut.

    Quin Hillyer and Mary Katherine Ham have advised that there not be a conservative blog war, because we have more important things to do right now.  Fine, the perps have been called out already and it is time to rally around the effort.

    Now that the general election primary is over, so too is the Buckley Rule.  Please take notice that the Lombardi Rule is in effect:

    “The object is to win fairly, by the rules – but to win.” 

    So [names of conservative blogs and pundits still dumping on O’Donnell deleted], get over it and get to work defeating Democratic rubber-stamp hack Chris Coons.

    Because, as Hillyer says, “[w]e are fighting for our country here.”

    And winning that fight in November is all that matters.

    Update:  O’Donnell said today that the “dabbling into witchcraft” took place in high school.  Who looks silly now, O’Donnell or the conservatives who declared her candidacy dead because of the witchcraft revelation?

    And, don’t forget to Mark Your Calendars.

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