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    Yeah, They Lied (x 10)

    Yeah, They Lied (x 10)

    Mary Katherine Ham and Guy Benson have a guest post at HotAir setting forth 10 key false promises by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats about Obamacare, ObamaCare: The sum of all fears. The post is long, but worth the read.

    Here are the 10 false promises:

    • Promise #1: If you are satisfied with your existing health care arrangement, you can keep it.
    • Promise #2: Reform will lower America’s health care spending.
    • Promise #3: Reform will lower Americans’ health care premiums.
    • Promise #4: Obamacare will not lead to a doctor shortage, or escalate the primary-care physician shortfall.
    • Promise #5: There will be no government rationing of medical care.
    • Promise #6: “The firm pledge” – Ninety-five percent of Americans will not see any form of tax increase because of Obamacare (or anything else).
    • Promise #7: Health care reform won’t add “a single dime” to the deficit—and will actually cut it.
    • Promise #8: Health care reform will help businesses—employers and employees, alike.
    • Promise #9: Obamacare will not allow for funding of abortions with taxpayer money.
    • Promise #10: Obamacare will not only satisfy each of the promises above, but satisfy all of them at the same time with virtually no downsides.

    In case you have any doubts about the need to vote in November, and to get your friends and neighbors to to the same, carry this list around as a reminder.

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    What's the diff jack?

    During the health care summit, McCain reminded Obama of promises made during the campaign. The O responded "the election's over." When the campaign ended on election day, so too did the commitment.

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