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    What Don’t You Understand About “It’s Not Your Money”

    What Don’t You Understand About “It’s Not Your Money”

    Allowing people to keep more of what they earn is a horrible giveaway tantamount to welfare for the rich, rendering anyone who would suggest such a thing evil and greedy.

    That attitude is the fundamental public policy prescription of the Democratic Party and supportive economists, as expressed in an op-ed in The Washington Post, Five Myths About The Bush Tax Cuts.

    We could argue over the specifics, and the historical ignorance and wishful thinking that raising taxes results in more revenue or helps the economy.

    The argument over specifics is besides the point. It’s just more class warfare, presuming that someone who is successful needs to be punished.

    These Democratic talking points reflect the fundamental disconnect: It is not your money.

    I think the American people understand that point. The government works for us, not the other way around.

    You either believe it, or you don’t. The Democratic Party doesn’t.

    Update: Bruce McQuain has more patience than I do, and takes apart the specifics of the WaPo column.

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    Its all about the private-sector middle class. Wipe out the middle class, and it will be the end of America you knew. There will come a point when the only politican you support should be those who swear by the middle class; the financial markets, and welfare both, be damned.

    And, printing press aside, who creates that money (that wealth)? Couple that answer with Obamacare (gov healthcare) and you get to an even more fundamental point: it's not your life. That is where the control freaks stand.

    It is ALL OUR money; none of it is theirs. No one sees the problem of public servants growing rich in office?? This is not about bridges or infrastructure, it is about shakedowns, backscratching, special interests. We have zero to show for ~$800 billion in "stimulus." Much of it will be used to prop up moribund Democrat campaigns this fall. None of it has resulted in jobs, shovel-ready or otherwise.

    The mistake they (either party or both together as The Ruling Class) make in decreeing all this their money and us their SERFS is that we can and do control the amount of our labor and their "take." We can actually cut revenues way back and take them out.

    When you see huge cutbacks to essential services such as firefighters and police forces while union pensions grow exponentially richer and public bureaucracies grow rapidly bigger (where are those pensions coming from??), the jig is up. This has nothing to do with what the country needs but everything to do with what thieving criminals and their supporters want. The buck stops WITH ME. In every way.

    "Our rights, liberties and wealth are what have been taken. This government continues to enrich and empower itself and its benefactors with more of our money. There is no recession in Washington, D.C. In fact, there is no economic suffering if you're employed by the imperial government. They continue to see their salaries, benefits and pensions grow all on the backs of fewer and fewer taxpayers. This government spends well beyond its citizens' ability to repay this debt.

    "The only logical design of such a policy is to ensure the redistribution of wealth through taxation from the upper and middle classes to the imperial government and its beneficiaries. The imperial government creates the circumstances of the crisis, and acts as the benefactor to the citizens impacted by the crisis thereby cementing into these beneficiaries' minds the righteousness of the imperial government. In fact, it is the taxpayer that provides this charity, but, rather than receiving credit, the taxpayer is demeaned by the imperial government as having attained his wealth through nefarious means."

    "Nice try, but that's not a specifically Democratic talking point; it is a profoundly mainstream one, equally represented on the Republicans."

    Seerak, there's a reason for the term RINO: You can call yourself anything, but what you do and how you vote reveals you for what you really are, and these are Leftists.

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