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    We Are In Really Deep Trouble

    We Are In Really Deep Trouble

    For the first time in my adult life, I am really worried.

    “The leader of the free world can’t figure out how to get the umbrella on the other side.” (@RoseDanna)

    (Photo and quote via Tammy Bruce)

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    Too bad he left his halo at home in favor of the umbrella; the halo would have shielded him from the rain and passed through the metal gate unimpeded. Live and learn, Barry.

    Swen said…
    Heheh. According to this, he can't swing a golf club either!

    Thanks for that link. Interesting video.

    As for Obama's swing technique, as poor as it is, it is far better than Bloomberg's. He couldn't hit a ball through a Mosque window. Also, isn't it cute that Obama has a black caddie?

    Michelle: America is a really mean country and so
    are its umbrella makers.

    Michelle: I told you not to get one of those
    Uncle Tom umbrellas.

    Michelle: You can make the oceans stop rising
    but you can't operate a stupid

    Michelle: This isn't the umbrella that we've
    been waiting for.

    Obama: No we can't.

    Obama: The war on rain is lost.

    Michelle: I'm melting, melting, ooh what a
    world, to think that global warming
    will put an end to my beautiful evil!

    Liberals never want to answer questions and when they do open their mouth they usually stick their foot in it.

    stonelight beat me to it!

    SO many excellent comments!

    Wish there was a close-up on Mrs.oBOWma's scowly scowl. (is Botox waterproof?)

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