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    Robert Gibbs Was Right

    Robert Gibbs Was Right

    Watching Robert Gibbs go after the Professional Left, and the Professional Left firing back, certainly has been amusing.

    But I’ll have to stand up for Gibbs, at least in his first heart-felt salvo.

    Gibbs made two related points. First, that the Professional Left is “crazy” to attack Obama, and second, that the Professional Left is unrealistic as to what could be accomplished presently.

    Was he wrong? I don’t think so. Obama has accomplished as much as he could given that the country leans heavily conservative.

    Does anyone doubt that if Obama could have passed a public option as part of Obamacare that he would have done so? In fact, does anyone doubt that if Obama could wave a magic wand and institute a single-payer system overnight, that Obama would do so?

    There is a reality in this country to which the Professional Left, cloistered in its epistemically closed universe, is oblivious: Most people do not agree with the Professional Left.

    The 2008 election was many things, but it was not an endorsement of a progressive agenda. What didn’t you understand about New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts and Missouri?

    Obama has accomplished as much as he could for you. He has put in place laws which will enable him to accomplish through regulation that which he could not accomplish through legislation. Obama is playing the long game, and you are short-sighted.

    Even what the Professional Left considers too little, too late, has provoked a strong backlash which threatens Democratic Party control and the completion of Obama’s agenda.

    Obama is doing the best he can to advance the Professional Left’s agenda against the will of the American people. Give the guy a break.

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    Since the goal of the "health care" bill is to eliminate private insurance industry, it didn't need to explicitly include single payer. This bill will result in single payer anyway.

    well, your point is valid, but there is still something risable in what Gibbs said. Here's from one article's account:

    > "I hear these people saying he's like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested," Gibbs said. "I mean, it's crazy."

    what's risable there is that once again there is no valid opposition to Obama. You are either racist, anti-arab (in the case of isrealis), or in the case of liberal critics, on drugs.

    I am inspired to verse

    A Limerick for the Lackey Left
    By The Dividist

    Said Gibbs “The left is on drugs.”
    Rahm agrees: “Just pull out the rug!”
    “They’ve nowhere to go…
    They’re retarded you know…
    In the end they’ll just come back to ‘O’”

    I've wondered if this is a move to shift the perception of Obama to the right. Make a big deal that the left is saying he's just like Bush. Deny it, but separate him from the left. Come midterms the view of Obama from the left doesn't matter. The left isn't going vote Tea Party. But viewing Obama as closer to a centrist matters among voters who could vote either way during the midterms

    Washington Monthly is one of the craziest far left sites. But I haven't been over there lately so I don't know if they are savaging the One.

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