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    Obama Keeps Everyone On Message: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

    Obama Keeps Everyone On Message: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

     A Memeorandum thread, August 14, 2010, 7:40 p.m.:

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    Once again we get a peek behind the curtain…..and it's no friendly wizard there, my friends.

    He's avoided investigations into selling his senate seat post-2008 election, offering illegal bribes to 2 senate candidates in 2 different states. Then suing a state government for enforcing federal laws that the federal gov't won't enforce, allowing Eric Holder (DoJ) to dismiss convicted criminals of election poll harassment, supporting trials for KSM and others in NYC….. This is indeed another illuminating moment.

    What will be the final straw? After November, and the swearing in in January of the new Congress, we might find out.

    President Obama ought to be looking at the most important factor "cost" in manufacturing how can anyone who believes in the principles of American Labor Unions vote for these people? Jobs!!! If the change we needed in 2008 (H.R.2830) had been voted on in the Senate after passing the house 395-7, according to a report prepared for Congress in Dec2009 this type of legislation would have caused the cost of foreign imports to rise as the legislation would require mostly foreign ships to retrofit with new technology to keep our water clean. Now the president dose not bother to instruct the Senate to work out the States rights issues of just one Senator. Senator Boxer killed this legislation, that could have created a cost competitive manufacturing base, again in America. Now our president as commander and chief has another study with the military, to coincide with their two decade plan to follow an international organization of economic interest,the IMO, rather than American legislation to regulate what numeric limits of human pathogens and virus we will allow mainly foreign ships, bringing foreign made goods into our country, to dump in our waters. It is to bad that economic globalization is considered more important by this administration than increasing our manufacturing competitiveness and protecting our waters.

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