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    Obama Keeps Everyone On Message: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

    Obama Keeps Everyone On Message: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

     A Memeorandum thread, August 14, 2010, 7:40 p.m.:

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    "Finess works just fine in blogland."

    I disagree since it a situation that is impossible at times to self police. I know people are saying they are disputing the right for them to build but at other times I see things akin to certain values trump perhaps 1st amendment rights

    In light of the Judges remarks in the Prop 8 case I am not too keen on setting a precedents that might bite Christian down the line

    As to the speech Obama gave I found it prettey much unremarkable. He said all groups would be treated equally under all laws. Nothing new there.

    I guess I disagree with you on the President going further. I think they are quite aware there will be protests and inquires.

    A few years ago conservatives were very upset when the San Francisco Bd of Supervisors passed resolutions against the Catholic Church and even a Christian Youth rally in the city. You had Council members stepping right in the middle of it and making religious judgments. Back then the reaction was correct horror that the City was taking sides in a religious affairs.

    You stand by that principle or it falls. If not Then it bites Christians and other groups back

    Let people discuss, let blogs, let the media investigate. However I am not for the Govt making proclamations on a religious dispute and theology. Where will that end?

    Why the rebuilding of St. Nicholas church has been mired in red-tape whilst the mosque seems to be in the express lane is mysterious, eh?
    On a lighter note, congratulations Professor, on moving up to #50 of all conservative blogs.

    "However I am not for the Govt making proclamations on a religious dispute and theology."

    The President would have been a hero, had he more thoroughly explained the intersection between the constitutional rights of freedom of religion and free speech. That happens to be part of his current job.

    When he was running for his current office, he often referred to his background as an occasional assistant adjunct law professor in the field of Constitutional Law: I would expect him to be more articulate in his purported field of expertise.

    The 1st Amendment isn't a building permit. The freedom to practice your religion doesn't come with a form of eminent domain. Context is everything. Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.

    This is about the community's objections to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's inability to show sensitivity to the emotional stakeholders at ground zero and its unwillingness to make concessions.

    As for Obama, he has some gall to pontificate about 'religious tolerance' or the virtues of tolerance per 1st Amendment when this is the very same guy who at other times can't tolerate Americans who are exercising their freedom of assembly, denigrating them as 'tea baggers'.

    " He said all groups would be treated equally under all laws."

    The attempts to rebuild the St Nickolas church at ground zero halted at every turn by the New York bureaucracy point out the lies in these arguments; Christian church not allowed to rebuild, Muslim efforts Green lighted all the way.
    That is not equal-that is Muslim appeasement.

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