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    Don’t Reveal The Secret

    Don’t Reveal The Secret

    They don’t understand what is happening.  Don’t tell them:

    For a year and a half, we’ve seen rallies and town-hall shouting and attack ads and Fox News special reports. But I still haven’t the foggiest idea what these folks actually want, other than to see like-minded Republicans winning elections. To be sure, I admire their passion, and I applaud their willingness to get involved in public affairs. If more Americans chose to take a more active role in the political process, the country would be better off and our democracy would be more vibrant.

    But that doesn’t actually tell us what these throngs of Americans are fighting for, exactly. I’m not oblivious to their cries; I’m at a loss to appreciate those cries on anything more than a superficial level.

    That’s right.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

    Update:  Someone thinks she has it all figured out:

    The point is that (a) the teabaggers don’t actually have a cause, just a lot of resentments; and (2) [sic] their slogans and symbols are displays of tribal dominance only. Most teabaggers have no idea what the slogans and symbols mean.

    As does someone else:

    I don’t really think of most of them are [sic] bad people, especially the elderly ones who have been frightened and manipulated into fighting against their own best interests. Yet, they are part of the problem and if we’re to save civil society, sadly, these are the people we must battle.

    Remember, shhhhh.

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    It would help if they stopped ignoring us. Here is Obama insisting that he ignored yesterday's rally. THAT is what I call an insular and divisive president. He may be a "citizen of the world" but by his own admission, he refuses to acknowledge the will of the majority of Americans.

    As for the other liberals who claim to not know what the Tea Party message is, it would help if you allowed us to engage in the national discussion conducted through the traditional channels. Listening is a big part of communication.

    What frightens them so much is that there is no leader to destroy in order to destroy the tea party movement. Personal destruction to enervate the masses is not viable this time. There is a mass movement in opposition to their policies and leaders.

    They suspect this will end badly for them…and they are right.

    In fairness to the lefties, the Tea Party isn't exactly straightforward. I found this article was pretty insightful:

    McClatchy-owned newspaper The State in SC is a classic example of insulation. They shut down the comments on the AP article about the "Restoring Honor" rally in DC as it was getting loaded down with refutations of the AP article and the reported "tens of thousands" attendees. They relegated the print version to page 4. On the front page? All of a sudden they are proud of American exceptionalism during WWII as they are running a 5 part series on the Battle of the Bulge. McClatchy is an odd outfit!

    It appears they still haven't heard us yet.

    At this point, it can only be through willful ignorance. Well go ahead and play deaf, dumb, and blind. It won't buy you anything when the next Revolution breaks out.

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