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    “Please Stop” Harry Reid

    “Please Stop” Harry Reid

    Sharron Angle’s campaign finally is rolling out some good television commercials.

    It took Angle a full month to put together a professional campaign team and operation, since she ran the primary essentially from her living room.

    That month has given the highly professional — but abusive — Reid campaign a month to spend millions of dollars attacking Angle. A mainstream media sympathetic to Reid and outwardly hostile to Angle serves as an echo chamber for Reid’s attacks.

    The short term result is a tightening of the polls to where Reid is ahead by low single digits.

    Jay Cost correctly summarizes Reid’s campaign strategy as follows: “… Reid’s sole hope of electoral victory is to make Sharron Angle completely and totally unelectable.”

    But there is one thing Harry Reid cannot change, and that is reality.

    The following ad is a winner:


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    Two excellent PACs for donating to real conservatives are – (Sen DeMint) (Rep Tancredo)

    They pick out the right candidates needing help so the money goes to the best use.

    IF… Navada voters reelected Reid. They deserve what they get.

    The PPP Poll cited by a local Fox TV station? …another progressive paid for polling company, eh?

    When will these Progressive Polls be disregarded as numeric propaganda?

    Although… showing Angle in need should stimulate campaign donations.

    Harry Reid must go: he is destroying jobs, he is destroying the Bill of Rights, he is destroying our grandchildrens future. Does Harry understand what the American government is all about? Or, does Harry Reid care about anyone but his self?

    Dictator Obummer has Reid under his fingernail and Reid bows to him and Pelosi every time….Vote him out in November….We will be sorry if we don't…..

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