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    Obama Journolist Operative Invited Other Journolistas to White House

    Obama Journolist Operative Invited Other Journolistas to White House

    On February 18, 2010, I wrote a post titled Progressive Bloggers In The Wizard of Oz, about a trip by several “progressive” bloggers to meet at The White House with Jared Bernstein, Chief Economist to Vice President Joe Biden.

    The post carried a photo of serious-looking faces reflecting what I believed — tongue in cheek — was “the moment they realized that they were not going to get to meet with the ‘chief economist to President Barack Obama.'”

    Boy, was I wrong. It was more like a reunion. Of Journolistas.

    The “Chief Economist to Vice President Joe Biden” was none other than Journalista Jared Bernstein, who — thanks to a post at Volokh Conspiracy (via Instapundit)– I just learned was an adviser to the Obama campaign in 2008 when he was active on the Journolist:

    One question that has arisen in the last week is how closely JournoList members, not only discussed how to shape the news to advance the fortunes of Barack Obama, but coordinated with the Obama campaign. Jared Bernstein’s position as an unpaid adviser and surrogate shows that there was at least one direct link between JournoList and the Obama campaign.

    In attendance for the meeting at the White House were fellow Journolistas Matthew Yglesias (Think Progress), Tim Fernholz (American Prospect) and Chris Hayes (The Nation). One of the other bloggers in attendance was Oliver Willis, whose name has not surfaced on the Journolist, but who works for Media Matters, so he is practically an Honorary Journolista.

    So… An Obama campaign operative interacted on the Journolist with sympathetic media types in the run-up to the election, and then rewarded favored Journolistas with a visit to the White House.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

    Update: Jennifer Rubin notices the lack of diversity on the Journolist (something I also noted in my February post): “The angry white men and the hate-filled political marionettes aren’t on talk radio. They’re on Journolist.”

    Update 7-24-2010: iOwnTheWorld (via Instapundit) has photographic proof of the lack of Journolistic diversity.

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    Rewards for shaping the news? Who'd a thunk it? The problem really is that the Republicans don't have ANY ideas so they canNOT get a group together to push "NO". If they had the intelligence to come up with a short list of things the people could BELIEVE they'd actually try to accomplish they might make headway. Otherwise, we're just replacing one Sen. Dodd for another grafty guy. If the Republicans can't stand up for the Balanced Budget Amendment now, why should we ever believe they have principle?

    From Insty about Journolist:

    "When competitors collude this way, it’s also an antitrust violation."

    And they also kicked around ideas of how to shut down Fox News. When competitors get together to see if they can shut down another competitor not of their group, you have something quite awful on your hands.

    Just for the record. Bernstein's academic degrees in order of achievement are: music, social studies, and philosophy. It's beyond me where he gained the qualifications to be labeled an economist. A while back, I looked at the academic degrees of some of the appointees and White House staff. A high number of them have sociology type degrees. No wonder our nation is in trouble… we're being governed by people who chose advisors who are social workers!

    Here's the info from Wiki:

    Bernstein graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts where he studied double bass with Orin O'Brien. He earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from the Hunter School of Social Work, and, from Columbia University, he received a Masters Degree in Philosophy and Ph.D. in Social Welfare. He does not have a degree or any formal training in economics.

    Biden has an "Economic Advisor" because it's a way to plump the staff, the payroll, and offer patronage.
    The trip to the White House is an offering – a taste of what they can expect on their way to status within the the Halls Of Power, when they finally inherit the Reins of Power – eventually ending their *brilliant* careers as various TV hosts and eminence gris – in the model of Clark Clifford, as they fully expect.

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