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    Feds Sue Arizona – Complaint Here

    Feds Sue Arizona – Complaint Here

    Here is a copy of the Complaint just filed by the United States against Arizona seeking to invalidate S.B 1070, the Arizona immigration bill. Copies also of the Civil Cover Sheet, Summons to the the State of Arizona, and Summons to Gov. Jan Brewer.

    The U.S. also filed a Motion for Preliminary Injunction, with 10 Exhibits. Visit my Scribd site for additional documents.

    The case is assigned to Judge Neil V. Wake.

    Added:  Here are links to the Exhibits to the Motion for Preliminary Injunction:

    1. Affidavit of James Steinberg
    2. Declaration of Michael Aytes
    3. Declaration of David Palmatier
    4. Declaration of Daniel Ragsdale
    5. Declaration of David Aguilar
    6. Declaration of Mariko Silver
    7. Declaration of Dominick Gentile
    8. Declaration of Tony Estrada
    9. Declaration of Roberto Villa Senor
    10. Declaration of Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris

    U.S. v. Arizona – Complaint Filed 7-6-2010

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    So how is this any different than the issue in De Canas v. Bica?

    Seems like this question was already settled by the Supreme Court back in 1976.

    The good news for the SCOTUS is that Justice Kennedy has no intention of retiring in the near future, or at least until after Barry Soetoro aka Obama is gone.

    Strange that Obama is taking aim at a law that is identical to federal law and supports and complements that law on the purported ground of pre-emption; but the same Obama Administration refuses to bring legal action against sanctuary cities and governments which directly conflict with federal law and which make a 'piecemeal' quilt of federal immigration enforcement authority. Why it's almost like the Obama Administration doesn't want to enforce any laws against illegal aliens and wants to tear down the few laws that even suggest enforcement of those laws.

    Oh man, the ScribDB format is killin me! You think it's possible to upload them right to your blog next time?

    @A.W. and Cassie – I agree Scribd is slow, but since I don't have my own server, I know of no other way to post a pdf. Any better suggestions?

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