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    Feds Sue Arizona – Complaint Here

    Feds Sue Arizona – Complaint Here

    Here is a copy of the Complaint just filed by the United States against Arizona seeking to invalidate S.B 1070, the Arizona immigration bill. Copies also of the Civil Cover Sheet, Summons to the the State of Arizona, and Summons to Gov. Jan Brewer.

    The U.S. also filed a Motion for Preliminary Injunction, with 10 Exhibits. Visit my Scribd site for additional documents.

    The case is assigned to Judge Neil V. Wake.

    Added:  Here are links to the Exhibits to the Motion for Preliminary Injunction:

    1. Affidavit of James Steinberg
    2. Declaration of Michael Aytes
    3. Declaration of David Palmatier
    4. Declaration of Daniel Ragsdale
    5. Declaration of David Aguilar
    6. Declaration of Mariko Silver
    7. Declaration of Dominick Gentile
    8. Declaration of Tony Estrada
    9. Declaration of Roberto Villa Senor
    10. Declaration of Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris

    U.S. v. Arizona – Complaint Filed 7-6-2010

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    Could Arizona file a counterclaim?

    Regardless of how Judge Wake rules, this is on its way to the Supreme Court. How quickly will it get there? What would the process be to have this fast tracked to the Supreme Court?

    Perhaps Jan Brewer can bring Mrs. Krentz in with an affidavit as an exhibit to the motion? Maybe other victims of kidnappings and such?

    Reading briefs is definitely interesting; for instance, if you search for Aguilar's full name in quotes using the "old" search at my site you'll find things like his fellow agents voting no-confidence in him (yes, I've been covering the wider issue for a long time).

    That said, the much more important thing to do is to actually do something. In case anyone would like to do something highly effective to support AZ and doesn't mind spending a few minutes doing some actual work, here are five things you can do:

    If just a few hundred people did even just one of those we'd be on the way to resolving this matter. At the least, you can send that link to your social networks and encourage them to get involved.

    Interesting that the first paragraph of the document reads "The United States" V.S. the State of Arizona. What comes to my mind is do all the States get to have a say in this? Most every poll shows that Americans want ENFORCEMENT! even if it means at the local level.

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