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    Turkey Attacks Kurds In Iraq – Outrage! U.N.! Killers!

    Turkey Attacks Kurds In Iraq – Outrage! U.N.! Killers!

    Well I guess Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s repeated warning to Israel that “thou shall not kill” only applies to Israel:

    “I am speaking to them in their own language. The sixth commandment says ‘thou shalt not kill’. Did you not understand?” Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said in his harshest words yet since Israeli commandos raided the Mavi Marmara on Monday.

    “I’ll say [it] again. I say in English ‘you shall not kill’. Did you still not understand? So I’ll say to you in your own language. I say in Hebrew ‘Lo Tirtzakh’,” he said in a televised speech to supporters of his Islamist-leaning AK Party.

    Sorry to interrupt this twilight zone.

    Turkey has just attacked Kurdish rebels in Iraq in retaliation for a Kurdish attack on a Turkish military base on May 31 (the same day the Turks instigated the Gaza flotilla violence), according to reports:

    Turkish jets hit Kurdish rebel positions in northern Iraq on Monday, according to private Turkish television stations NTV and CNN-Turk.

    Military authorities were not immediately available for comment.

    Kurdish rebels from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have recently intensified their attacks on Turkish targets, and Kurdish rebel chief Abdullah Ocalan said last week he had abandoned efforts to seek dialogue with Turkey.

    Even Erdogan’s friends in Iran are getting in on the act:

    Outrage is growing in Iraq’s northern Kurdish territories over renewed Iranian air and artillery strikes against Kurdish rebels in the remote Qandil Mountains, officials and residents said.

    Emergency U.N. Security Council meeting scheduled. Outrage in the capitals of Europe, as protesters burn Turkish and Iranian flags. Flotillas of peace activists on the way.

    Helen Thomas, reporting.

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    You hit every emotion this frail frame is able to run through like a checklist with this wonderful post. To say anything more would be to break the spell.

    NOTE that Turkey has blockaded Armenia for fifteen years. The Turks are hypocrites.

    Someone should tell that moron in Istanbul that the 6th commandment says Thou shall not murder, not thou shall not kill. Jews are allowed to kill in self-defense, in fact God cammands that you protect yourself. In any language self-defense is not murder.

    You MUST be joking. This was in response to a rocket attack on an army base that killed 6 soldiers.

    How is this AT ALL analogous to killing 9 activists who had no ties to terrorism? Turkey attacked the terrorists, not activists.

    Just so you get your facts straight, Israel killed 1300 civilians because 2 of their soldiers were killed in 2008.

    Mindbullet, all those deaths are results of Palestinian attacks on Israel. When Palestinians attacks Israel, both Palestinians and Israelis die. In fact, Palestinians promote an ideology of suicide attacks just because they want to kill as many Israelis as possible. Have you heard of Israelis committing suicide attacks just because they want to kill people?

    Why don't you get your facts straight? If Israel wanted to kill Palestinians, they would just do it. All Israel wants is peace and the right to defend itself from aggression. It's the Palestinians who are the aggressors, and responsible for all the deaths they cause on both sides.

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