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    “The pretty, big-boobed, gun-toting hottie paradigm”

    “The pretty, big-boobed, gun-toting hottie paradigm”

    … is Andrew Sullivan’s derisive explanation for the success of female Republican candidates, like Sarah Palin and “clone” Pamela Gorman.

    Anywhere else that would be called sexist (and also a feature, not a bug).

    You can support Pamela Gorman here, just to drive them crazy.


    Update: Will Political Ads Move To Tank Warfare?

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    One small correction. It's a little late to drive them crazy as you suggest – Andy passed crazy many miles back, and are currently traveling at warp 9 toward bats**t, head exploding, coo-coo for cocoa puffs, super-lunacy. Still, every little bit helps.

    So all it takes to be a good conservative nowadays is to be an internet troll? Push buttons just to push buttons, even if you think the candidate is ridiculous and would actually do this country harm? I wish I could vote across party lines again, but then I see the candidates…

    It won't really drive us crazy. It will just make us laugh that much harder at your ignorance over our lattes and cappuccinos, sipped on our patios in Cape Cod.

    ROFL at the rednecks!!!

    To be fair, the gun shooting didn't really add a whole lot to her conservative message… or did it?

    Its clear that Andrew has long passed the line that delineates obsession with hysterics.

    His latest video attacking her is beyond the pale. He also addresses his 3 person "One Man Blog".

    Keep up the great work. I'm a big fan.


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