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    The Lesson of Helen Thomas – Reporters Should Hide Their Biases

    The Lesson of Helen Thomas – Reporters Should Hide Their Biases

    The biggest problem with the Helen Thomas story is that she kept it under wraps for so long.

    Anyone who watched a presidential press conference knew she was hostile to Israel, but the depth of that hostility was not known.

    We have created a media culture where inappropriate or politically incorrect thoughts cannot be spoken, not by journalists, talk show hosts, politicians, or anyone else who wants to keep their job.

    This time, it swung around to hit someone on the left.

    Usually, it swings around to hit someone in the center or right.

    By forcing journalists to keep their biases to themselves for fear of job loss, we do nothing to address the bias.

    We simply drive the thoughts underground, where they percolate to the surface in the form of biased reporting by a supposedly unbiased reporter.

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    Thomas apparently did not keep her antisemitism under wraps. Her colleagues kept her views under wraps by not confronting her publicly in the first place. And many have not yet confronted her.

    This is what you get when Liberals dominate, as they do in Journalism.

    On 6/7/2010 – Allapundit had these words from Julie Mason, WH Correspondent for the Washington Examiner that are superb and right on target:

    [W]ith those comments, we lost an icon. Because all of the foregoing — being the first female officer of the National Press Club, the first female member of the White House Correspondents Association — and its first female president — none of that is enough to give her a pass.

    It’s not enough to have spent a lifetime being an awesome, trailblazing journalistic and feminist icon. Because longer still than the shadow cast by such a great career is the one cast by the Holocaust. There are still people living in this country — and many others, not the least of which is Israel — who have numbers tattooed on their arms from concentration camps. People who remember seeing their mothers or fathers or brothers or sisters torn away from them and packed on trains taking them to their deaths. People who couldn’t go back to where their families came from in Germany or Poland even if they wanted to, because entire villages were wiped out…

    I wish Helen Thomas hadn’t said those things, and I truly wish she hadn’t thought them. But she did. Which means that, sad as I am, Helen Thomas can no longer be a hero to me.

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