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    Saturday Night Card Game (What Don’t You Understand About “No Asians”?)

    Saturday Night Card Game (What Don’t You Understand About “No Asians”?)

    This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

    A reader suggested this video as a follow-up to last week’s post about how the NAACP thought a Hallmark talking graduation card said “Black Ho” or “Black Whore” when it fact the electronic voice said “Black Hole” referring to that space thingy out of which nothing can escape.

    The video concerns a person who phoned in a listing for a rental property, which the newspaper printed as “No Asians.”

    As in the Hallmark case, what we had was a failure to communicate, don’t Jew agree?


    We Interrupt This Post for Breaking News which could not wait until next Saturday night – via James Joyner“Racist” Finally, Irrevocably Jumps the Shark:


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    So, you gotta adapt to the culture of the country you find yourself in? How interesting.

    Asian in this case means a Middle Easterner since the British don't distinguish between the two areas.

    I just got a clock radio from that is supposed to be able to be set by voice. The instructions say to begin commands with "Hello Clock Radio" to which the radio responds with a prompt. The "Hello Clock Radio" part works fine as does "set time" or "set alarm" but when I said the time, e.g. "six oh five p.m." it wouldn't work. I kept getting the wrong time on the display. Then it occurred to me that the radio was built in China or some other Asian country and I tried sounding more British. That got better results, but I'm wondering if speaking "Engrish" will work better. It definitely doesn't seem to understand my hard Western "r". I wonder if I try "Set Arahm" it'll work better.

    I finally just decided it was defective and hence sold as overstock and set everything manually.

    "Well, they're just a mob of crooks, that's all they are." Very funny.

    Someone tell all our illegal aliens about this.

    On the Asian thing, that is what we call Muslims and Islamists. Brits (or the British p.c. police) can't handle the truth. And if it really was supposed to be "agents," what agents was that guy talking about? Realtors? Speculators? MI6?

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