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    Obama’s Gulf Speech In One Sentence

    Obama’s Gulf Speech In One Sentence

    “I don’t know where I’m going, but follow me anyway.”

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    Shorter Obama speech
    — Meryl Yourish @ 8:57 pm

    For your benefit, a summary.

    * “I’m going to fight the oil! Call out the national guard! Fight, fight, fight! Oo-rah!”

    * “It’s Bush’s fault!”

    * “Pass Cap and Trade—er, I mean, the new clean energy proposal that will wean us from our dependence on dirty, dirty oil that is fouling the Gulf!”

    * “Bad BP! Evil BP! BP must pay! (Please don’t mention that I am the top recipient of BP money over the past 20years) I’m going to talk to the CEO tomorrow (since you all got mad that I haven’t talked to him yet) and make him pay, the rotten corporate greedy evil bastard!”

    * “Have I mentioned alternative energy yet? Oh, yeah—no more drilling!”

    * “It’s Bush’s fault!”

    Obama should have given the "standard speech". Time-tested and short.

    This standard political speech sums up the liberal position: Life is troubling; We will save you; It will take some time, cost some money, and require your full cooperation.

    Excerpt from A Political Speech: Troubling Times

    I could go on. My staff has compiled a list of 463 of life's difficulties, and I am not convinced that we have listed them all. I haven't published this list, it is too depressing.

    The good news is that I am ready to roll up my sleeves, sit down with the very best people who will work with the government, and deliver to you a better life. If we organize things in a different way, and all come together in support of this common good, we can finally get a grip on the situation and prosper in ways that are not even imaginable today.

    I want to be realistic. My time in political office may not be enough to complete all of the changes that are needed. I can set the government onto a new path, and it will be the work of others from my party to continue on that path.

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