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    Useful Idiots Condemn Israel

    Useful Idiots Condemn Israel

    The left-wing blogosphere is full of useful idiots, who pretend that the flotilla which just was stopped by Israel was a humanitarian mission.

    The flotilla was organized by the Islamist government in Turkey to aid Hamas with the goal of opening up shipping channels for Turkey’s new friend, Iran, to ship more and better weapons as it is doing to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran is busy turning Lebanon and Syria into one large missile launching pad against Israel, and a southern base in Gaza will complete the encirclement of Israel for the coming crisis over Iran’s nuclear program.

    The Europeans on the ships were cover, and the placement of an 18-month old child on these ships was the utmost cynical use of a human shield.

    If getting humanitarian supplies to Gaza really was the goal, this flotilla was not necessary. The supplies would have been off-loaded in Eqypt or Israel and then shipped in by land after being checked for hidden weapons.

    And that is the rub, only sea-based shipping would provide Iran with the mechanism for almost unlimited armament of Hamas. There is a limit to the quantity and size of missiles and other armaments which can be smuggled through tunnels from Egypt. That is why the sea blockade must be broken for Iran to get what it wants.

    But the useful idiots (no offense to idiots) in the left-wing blogosphere ignore this reality, and use the incident for their ultimate goal, which is the cut off of U.S. support for Israel.

    Funny how the left-wing blogs always seem to take the side of Islamists against Israel, and pretend that Israeli self-defense takes place in a vacuum:

    • Glenn Greenwald is today’s Most Useful Idiot, for not only condemning Israel in absurd terms, but trying to blame Israel for a host of domestic U.S. problems: “As Americans suffer extreme cuts in education for their own children and a further deterioration in basic economic security (including Social Security), will they continue to acquiesce to the transfer of billions of dollars every year to the Israelis, who — unlike Americans — enjoy full, universal health care coverage?”
    • John Cole is not far behind Greenwald, not even trying to hide his goal of cutting off U.S. support for Israel, as if he needed this incident to make this argument: “BTW- can we have a Stupak amendment so I am no longer paying for this? That is how it works, right? All you have to do is cite your personal morals and you can get things you don’t like unfunded, right?”
    • Think Progress (it really doesn’t matter which blogger, they are fungible) compares the flotilla to the civil rights marchers of the 1960s: “Like segregation in the American South, the siege of Gaza (and the entire Israeli occupation, for that matter) is a moral abomination that should be intolerable to anyone claiming progressive values. It’s sad that it should require the deaths of non-Palestinians to finally shake the international community from apathy and inaction, but, as with the tragic murders of Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner, if it contributes to ending the situation then that’s a positive outcome.”

    This is just some quick low-hanging fruit. In comparison, Juan Cole — often the first to go off the Israel-bashing deep end — seems downright reasonable in his analysis that there may have been an overreaction by both sides.

    What don’t these fools understand about the fact that they are being used, and using themselves, to support the Iranian backed Islamist movements which want only to destroy Israel.

    Or maybe they do understand.

    John Hawkins has even more reaction from the blogosphere.
    Doug Ross, exposes Gaza ‘Humanitarian’ Flotilla: a Ruse for a ‘Martyrdom Operation’
    The New Ledger, Blood Libel Against Israel analyzes the video showing the peaceful “activists” trying to kill Israelis as they boarded the ship:

    Meanwhile, Palestinian Media Watch has the video showing the peaceful intent and high-minded thoughts of those freedom-loving flotilla participants:


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    poor, deluded, USA-hating Rachel Corrie. Played tag with an Israeli bulldozer in order to protect arms smuggling tunnels and got herself killed. The real criminals were her leftist parents, the radical professors at Evergreen University, and the ISM. They all used this little nitwit in her life and in her death. And that final staged photo over her body was pure Paliwood.

    This "peace flotilla" comes from the same minds that exploited Corrie. The plan is typical: arrange for a number of useful idiot human shields as cover, then attempt to break the arms blockade. The IDF and the useful idiots didn't quite cooperate this time–five of the six ships went to Israel and the supplies are being delivered right now (and probably being stolen by Hamas, but that is another ignored story). The sixth decided to bluff it out and got a number of people killed doing it. Fortunately, no IDF personnel were killed.

    I'm getting so fed up with the Gaza sympathizers. EGYPT IS BLOCKADING AS WELL! Can't you understand what that means? It means that Israel isn't the "aggressor" or an "apartheid" state or any other such claptrap. You want to claim that Israel is wrong for protecting itself? Go talk to Egypt and ask why they reinforced their walls to shut down the tunnels. No one but leftist idiots want Hamas armed. Leftist loonatics and sicko Islamo-fascists.

    As serinves so helpfully demonstrates several times, above: some idiots don't even bother with all of that bothersome "useful" business before commenting.

    whatever guys,!!wishing you happy new year easter and christmas!! oh i forgot, and fuck off to you all too. c u

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