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    Like clockwork, I get in the car for the 6 hour drive from Ithaca to Rhode Island, and news hits the fan.

    This time, the revelation that the White House enlisted Bill Clinton to do the dirty work of getting Joe Sestak to drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary in exchange for a position on a presidential board.

    My first impressions:

    • Whatever his prior accomplishments, Sestak is not ready for prime time. He made unequivocal statements that he was offered a job, but now is equivocating and expressing surprise that it’s a big deal. Did he not listen to television or read the papers prior to today? Why didn’t he set the record straight. I just viewed Sestak’s press conference, and it is clear that he viewed the offer as an offer, yet still refuses to see the significance.
    • The Obama administration memo supposedly vindicating the administration actually should be Exhibit A in a criminal case, because the White House admits to the offer and that it was for the purpose of convincing Sestak to withdraw.
    • How telling (there’s a better word, I just can’t think of it right now) that this White House got Bill Clinton involved.
    • How convenient the White House stalled until the Friday before a holiday weekend.
    • This White House is Nixonian in its Clintonian ability to parse words.
    • There likely was a crime committed here, and Republicans should not let this drop.
    • Eric Holder should appoint a special prosecutor, particularly since his former boss and his present boss are subjects of the investigation.
    • The “rule of law” is the last thing this administration thinks about.

    I’ll have more. For sure.

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    Obama screws Clinton again should be the title of the story, with the subtitle "again".

    I think about now all Bubba is thinking about is revenge. He must look like Private Pile sitting in the latrine a al Full Metal Jacket!

    Good discussion on Fox. Steve Hayes pointed out that Sestak said that the position was a "high level administrative position". Now, the Obama administration says it was a unpaid panel position. Give up a senate bid for some committee seat??? A committee seat is a high level administrative position??? Give me a break.

    Apparently this Administration still believes that the "truth" is whatever they decide it is.

    Agree that the R's and moderate D's who hope to keep their seats need to be relentless in pursuing this.

    "This White House is Nixonian in its Clintonian ability to parse words." Best line of the year so far, hands down!

    Definitely admission of guilt. Mark Levin's 1st hour on this from Friday night is a must-listen – he covers the law, the legal angles, the lying and cover-up, the Sestak as incompetent angle, the "it's not a crime if the position was uncompensated" spin, the "everyone does this" spin, and basically the soup-to-nuts of this. What is so obvious to me is this is Chicago politics as usual being played in D.C. in a totally different environment. They either didn't think this was illegal or they are so used to doing business this way they never thought twice about it.

    Which brings up the question of whether Clinton was involved at all or if this is a very elaborate and not clever cover-up after the fact. Because if it was NOT a crime as the regime contends, why involve Bubba? The only reason to involve him is to make the point man with Sestak someone outside the regime to supposedly insulate the regime. Except that Bubba is not only a serial liar and perjurer, but there is no earthly way he had the knowledge or imprimatur to offer either a high level position in the regime or an uncompensated panel position. They either knew it was a crime and used Bubba, or they thought it was not a crime, never thought about it, and are lying about using Bubba. None of this works any way the regime and Sestak are now spinning it.

    I tend to believe they have always operated this way, have possibly done it numerous times just in the past 16 months in office, thought it was no big deal and the Clinton story is false. If so, one wonders what Clinton was promised to allow his name to be used by the regime this way.

    Republicans absolutely have to stay on this and do a thorough investigation when they are back in power, and the new media must hammer away at it until then. Further, not only Emanuel but Holder as well are likely now into it up to their eyeballs – crime, cover-up, or both. Both are criminals in my book, but then this entire regime is.

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