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    Sestak Questions of the Day

    Sestak Questions of the Day

    1. Why did it take until after the Pennsylvania Senate primary for details regarding the offer made to Joe Sestak, and the use of Bill Clinton as the conduit, to leak out?

    2. Would it have made a difference in the primary? (Did I just answer the first question?)

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    Bumsurf | May 29, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    One can only hope that there are Woodward/Bernstein wannabes lurking in the shadows investigating the prevarications one at a time. How will we ever get the truth out of this bunch of Chicagoland pols? Never happen.

    A.G. — Heh! Could be.

    Well, they certainly needed to eventually say something, didn't they?

    Something other than:

    "The President met with Joe Sestak and offered him a federal job if he dropped out of the Senate primary race."


    "The President told Rahm to meet with Joe Sestak and to offer him a federal job if he dropped out of the Senate primary race."


    "The President told Rahm to meet with Joe Sestak and to offer him a federal job if he dropped out of the Senate primary race, and Rahm suggested he should ask Bill Clinton to do it in order to put some distance there and give them some level of deniability regarding the details of the conversation, if it ever came out."

    And, whichever one it may have been (or, even if it was some variation thereof) stupid Joe Sestak then went out and blurted!

    Simon's Correlary:

    "Never attribute to malice alone that which can be attributed to malice and stupidity."

    As for the position Joe says he was being offered, looks like Byron York has effectively destroyed that argument, via Ed Morrissey, at HotAir.

    So much for the theory that "dumping it" on the eve of a long weekend would somehow help to hide it.

    That theory was based on the old notion that government offices and libraries closed on Friday when everyone headed for the shore, or for the mountains.

    Given the increasing resource capabilities on the internet, and the tenacity of the hounds on scent, dumping something at the beginning of the weekend, when most everyone has time for a little "C & R" (cocktails and research) doesn't seem so smart anymore!

    My question is did Specter know this was going on? My gut says he did. Which leads to —

    a) Specter wanted to use the information in his campaign. However he could not get a 'go' from the WH that were stalling.

    b) Threatening to release what little he did know, the WH cuts him off. Stops campaigning. When the race got to 50/50 the WH realized the one way to shut Specter down was to do nothing for him.

    Like Conrad Bibby, I think the unpaid advisory story reeks of Clintonian efforts at providing the various miscreants with plausible deniability. For example, how do we know that the Clinton offer was the only direct or indirect discussion between Sestak and the White House? Perhaps the Clinton offer was round one in the discussions. When Sestak refused to be bought off for a titular position, the White House came back with a more substantive offer. I'm not aware of anybody asking Sestak if, in addition to Clinton, he talked to Rahm or Axelrod about the high level job he referred to during the primary.

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