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    Sestak Questions of the Day

    Sestak Questions of the Day

    1. Why did it take until after the Pennsylvania Senate primary for details regarding the offer made to Joe Sestak, and the use of Bill Clinton as the conduit, to leak out?

    2. Would it have made a difference in the primary? (Did I just answer the first question?)

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    And why does Obama offering Mabus the position of Secretary of Navy exclude the possibility that he also promised it to Sestak? Have you looked at the history of Secretary’s of Navy? Including Mabus, three have already served under Obama. Not a lot of longevity in that position.

    Breaking . . . Professor, at Politico it looks like a very fidgety Robert Gibbs finally has the answer to your question regarding why it took so long.

    And, he gives the same answer to several other pertinent questions as well.

    The answer is simply, "I'd refer you to the memo."

    Or, perhaps a more understandable way to respond might have been, "Talk to the memo."

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