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    Behold The Olympic Cyclops

    Behold The Olympic Cyclops

    Did I say “massive fail”? Isn’t this like a horse designed by a committee?

    There have been some pretty awful Olympic mascots, but these have to be the worst, androgynous one-eyed freaks of nature.

    You be the judge of the design of Wenlock andMandeville:


    Click here for video of the inventors of the Olympic Cyclops. (I would have embedded it but it’s an “autorun” video, which bothers some people.)

    The most certain sign of the decline of Western Civilization.

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    They need to review Red Matters Media's review of Avatar so they can see how these are supposed to be done. They need Disneyeyes.

    Ummm…looked at the pic Smithee posted…looked again at the video.

    Yeah, Nazi salute more than the Usain Point is what it looks like.

    Fail. Worse than the Chinese mascots, and MUCH worse than the Greece Olympics mascots (I thought those were the worst that they could get). I underestimated "stupid" again! 😀

    A mascot is a subordinate creature of entertainment, so it isn't right to associate the mascot with any country or sect in the world. This is a multicultural requirement to not offend or praise any one group, sect, country, or belief to the exclusion of any other.

    This leaves only one strategy, to select mascots from Mars, at least until Mars is included in the UN.

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