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    I Thought We Were Supposed To Be Boycotting California

    I Thought We Were Supposed To Be Boycotting California

    This whole boycott thing is getting really confusing.

    California is boycotting Arizona because of the Arizona immigration law.

    But weren’t we already supposed to be boycotting California because of Prop. 8?

    Or if not the entire State of California, then at least the counties which voted for Prop. 8 and everyone who supported Prop. 8?

    And the Mormons and the entire State of Utah , including the Sundance Film Festival.

    And Florida, because of farm worker conditions, voter i.d. laws, to Save the Everglades.

    If we keep boycotting domestic vacation destinations, pretty soon we’ll have to go to Mexico for vacation. [fn.]


    Footnote: Connecticut is not a vacation destination, so that boycott is okay.

    Update: Cross Mexico off the vacation list, there may be an Australian boycott which we would be obligated to honor under ANZUS.

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    the carbon trade market is designed to make the billionaires even wealthier. Have a look at Pachauri from the IPCC. He has been making millions out of that trading in Europe. It does nothing for the atmosphere. It is a scam.

    @dchandgunifo well I have been boycotting most women's magazines since the death of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. In fact I started the boycott before her death. I detest the way that the magazines are full of these stupid actors and actresses with all of their scandalous behaviour. In the old days (up to the 1970s) we used to get magazines that included lots of craft projects and the like. However the manner in which they pursued Lady Diana was unconscionable. My boycott means that I do not line their pockets by making a magazine purchase where the paperazzi gets paid by the millions for those compromising photographs.

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