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    Possible Reason Why Patrick Kennedy Not Seeking Reelection

    Possible Reason Why Patrick Kennedy Not Seeking Reelection

    Reports are that Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) will not be running for reelection.

    Everyone is wondering why. If I weren’t such a humble person, I might suggest the following:
    Now what do I do?

    Update: Upside of Patrick leaving so soon, I got an Instalanche out of it. Downside, think how many more there would have been had he stayed.

    Via Politico, here’s his announcement:

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    I'll chime in on Pelosi, and submit a request for Boxer's next Senate run and Feinstein's ambition to become Governor of CA.

    I suspect that getting the MSM to admit that AGW is unproven at best might be beyond even your powers. 😉

    You get full credit! If not Hinchey or Frank, how about Gary Ackerman? Has got a stock scandal to his name.

    Wow! Just Wow! The great, the powerful, Professor Jacobson! I am impressed! That didn't take long at all and congratulations, job well done!

    Congrats Professor. I for one am sure that you scared the hell out of Patrick.

    So who is your next target? You named Maurice Hinchay as your second favorite — a good choice because despite a redistricting to favor him with some solid Dem areas, the guy is off the charts on the lefty end — considerably more so than his constituency even before the Brown phenomenon. He has not faced a really tough challenger for years (not since the early 90s, I think). He's highly vulnerable.

    But my favorite target would be Bill Delahunt in Mass whose district went for Brown and who has many of the same conlficts with his constituents as Hinchey. The added power of casting the race as "Brown II" would be a boost and tend to attract more media attention and online money.

    Of course, in my own suburban NY neck of the woods, I'm keen on seeing Jon Hall (northern Westchester) who lucked out in the 2006 anti-war wave bite the dust.

    But consider Delahunt. Maybe you can do both Delahunt and Hinchey? I'd support both efforts.


    Mike, February 11, 2010 11:34 PM, et al.

    Heh. Oh, what the heck!

    Why not just make out and post a full list of the miscreants?

    And each day thereafter you can cross names off, as they each begin dropping like flies!

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