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    What A Day

    What A Day

    Yesterday was an amazing day, and not just because Scott Brown won (although that helped).

    Yesterday was the first “live” blogging event here. 21,432 people participated in the live event, generating 5,402 reader comments. There were almost 70,000 visits to the site, which used to be a pretty good month.

    The energy was tremendous. Here is the final screen shot:

    When we signed off just after 11 p.m., we still had almost 900 people on the feed. Here are some of the reactions to Brown’s win earlier in the night:

    Thanks to the dozens of bloggers who linked, particularly Instapundit, for helping to generate interest in the live feed, and to those people who kindly let me incorporate their Twitter feeds into the live feed.

    Now, back to reality. And Blogger Mood Disorder.

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    Necromancer | January 20, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Looks like I'll have to follow you on Facebook. I visit often and enjoy what I read and learn.Also very glad Brown won. We need our country back.

    I consider myself smarter than the average bear, however, I'm confused by the numbers here?:

    "21,432 people participated in the live event, generating 5,402 reader comments."

    Should it be the other way around, or were there several participants leaving 1/4 of a comment? 🙂

    @syd B – not everyone who logged onto the feed left a comment.

    Congratulations, Professor, on a job well done. Few people anywhere, much less in the blogosphere, did as much as you did to boost Brown and make his victory happen.

    Dr. Jacobson, a few days ago, I posted a comment with respect to comments made on Fox News by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz wherein she repeated the lie about Scott Brown wanting hospitals to deny care to rape victims. At the time, I could not locate the clip, but alas, I found it today.

    The money shot is around the 4 minute mark, however, the complete interview is an interesting watch, especially given last night's results. The clip makes clear that the DNC was, at the very least, linked to this fabrication, if not, indeed, behind it.

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