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    I Can’t Keep Up With All The Failures

    I Can’t Keep Up With All The Failures

    I can’t keep up with all the ways in which this administration is failing. From the health care restructuring proposals gone sour, to the slippage in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the appeasement of Hugo Chavez and Iran and the bullying of Honduras, to the end of the special relationship with Israel, to the burgeoning budget deficits, to the unraveling of our intelligence capabilities, to the likely double-dip recession, to the mounting job losses, to the stimulus boondoggle, and on and on.

    I just can’t keep up with all the failures. And it’s getting me worried that I may have been more prescient than I had expected in my predictions of what would happen when the speculative bubble of hope and change burst. And it’s more than a little scary.

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    Obama will NOT be a one term president. Whoever believes that does not know history very well. This guy is no Jimmy Carter, he may have you think that he is, but that's because you're dumber than you think. Democrats are also virtually guaranteed power of house and senate AT LEAST until 2012. Please don't substitute what you wish to see happen by what is likely fact, and that is that this administration will succeed as intended. Case closed, Rush Limbaugh is going to fail, not the president.

    The fed already runs healthcare. They run the healthcare for the Native Americans on the reservations,research that and you won't let the feds anywhere near your healthcare!

    "stimulus plan is a remarkable achievement – it's just no one can prove it…"

    Prove it? Hell, no one can FIND IT.

    Samir, Rush Limbaugh fails every time he opens his mouth. He is nothing more than a media clown who gets paid vast sums of money for being a right wing horse's ass. Not even the true right wing of the Republican Party wants to be associated with him. He knows this; he makes his money by inciting the ignorant and pandering to the basest of society. He's laughing all the way to the bank.

    The big lie in the first place was that this was a crisis bigger than the one that sparked off the depression. In fact the panic was no worse than the one we had in the early to mid 70s.

    Most nations around the world recovered from a similar crisis in the mid-70s by just letting the market adjust.

    There has been at least 2 more of these fluctuations since then and none of them turned out to be worse than the Great Depression.

    I think that there will be a rise and then a dip again – like a W – because of the unsound policies that have been adopted in your country, in my country and around the world.

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