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    Obama Speech In One Sentence

    Obama Speech In One Sentence

    Here is a one sentence summary of Barack Obama’s “historic” speech to the Muslim world:

    “I have no right to tell you how to live, because we’re as bad as you are, but here’s how you need to live.”

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    HAH! It was risible. It was fatuous. It was so long-winded I thought I could die. He quoted from the Koran a lot, surprisingly enough not the part about "Kill the Infidel." And then I distinctly recall him going on about women's clothing. That's about his level. This guy is not a leader. He's a joke. Palin's got ten times the balls.

    One can grovel, close down GITMO, and beg for forgiveness, but it doesn't at all change the nature and intent of Islamic terrorism. Not one iota. It's really that awfully simple. Obama's less than evenhanded appeal projected contrition and weakness, neither of which will placate terrorists. It will, in fact, encourage their sociopathic rage. It was a tedious and failed sophomoric attempt to curry favor and to win hearts and minds. To the dedicated terrorists, it reeked of appeasement and convinced them that America is a push-over whose days are surely numbered if the terrorists but continue their murderous ways. Am angry, sickened and terribly weary of "our" President apologizing for me, my law abiding family and community. He's an effete liberal snob with not one shred of common sense or principle. And that foolishness and shortsightednes is going to get us killed. 2012 can't come soon enough.

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