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    The Reaction To Dijongate

    The Reaction To Dijongate

    My two posts on the televised Obama/Biden burger joint visit and Obama’s request for Dijon mustard, MSNBC Hides Obama’s Dijon Mustard (aka Dijongate) and Thou Shall Not Mock Obama’s Mustard, generated enormous reaction.

    Neither of these posts was about mustard as such, but rather, the absurd extent to which the Obama administration went to create a “real guy kind of quality” image of Obama/Biden eating “Hell Burgers,” and how MSNBC played along like a loyal worshipper through its coverage and editing.

    Much of the first post and its updates were tongue-in-cheek to prove the point. It is beyond me how anyone could have thought I really cared that Obama used Dijon mustard in his Tuna Salad recipe, or that he had a Dijon mustard addiction. Did people really think I believed there was a “conspiracy of silence on Obama’s allegience to Dijon Mustard”? I have said before, and repeat, that the first victims of liberalism are satire and irony.

    But there was a serious overall point, being the absurd image control and media fawning. Needless to say, the nutroots portrayed the posts as being a complaint about the type of mustard Obama used. A useful device of distortion straight from the Media Matters playbook.

    Seeing how my posts were distorted was not terribly surprising; that is how things go on the internet. The level of vitriol was something I knew existed, but had never personally experienced. As crazed as the published comments were, there were others I didn’t publish telling me to kill myself and do other things, and plenty of bizarre e-mails. All of these people made fools of themselves.

    The reaction proved one thing I already knew: The cult of personality surrounding Obama is real. And many of the cultists are demented, dangerous or both.

    I also knew the mainstream media was biased, but the article written by The Canadian Press reporter Lee-Ann Goodman set a new low. Ms. Goodman e-mailed me that she agreed that the main issue was Obama’s image control, but her article went in the opposite direction. Another reason why people don’t trust reporters.

    Through this episode, I also have learned the following:

    • The nutroots move in crowds
    • The nutroots mistake anonymity for bravery
    • The nutroots consider distortion an art
    • The nutroots preach tolerance to mask intolerance
    • The nutroots are unhappy people who hate happy people
    • The nutroots have no originality and hate original thoughts
    • The nutroots need new enemies daily
    • The nutroots do not know any of the above
    • The mainstream media is no better
    • Starting this blog was necessary, for all of the above reasons
    • Continuing this blog is even more necessary, for all the above reasons

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    Most of the comments were utter disbelief that you wasted your time on this or thought it was a scandal.Right, that’s why the liberals swarmed this blog like a flock of rabid penguins. They all just happened to be stopping by a blog they don’t normally read, by coincidence, and simply couldn’t believe that William thought that Obama’s mustard preferences were a scandal. It couldn’t possibly be that they were directed here by liberal bloggers, came with a preconceived notion of what the post was about, and carried out their attack orders in mindless fashion to protect their “prince”.

    And your protestations that it was just humor fall flat.To the contrary, your inability to understand what was actually being satirized in the post, even after it’s been explained to you, seriously calls into question your ability to understand humor that doesn’t originate from within your very narrow liberal assumptions, and offers supporting evidence for the claim that the first victims of liberalism are irony and satire.

    Hi Professor, do you have a post where you define ‘nutroots’?

    It seems to me like it lets you critique people by connotation (depending on the audience, they might take it to mean leftists, or academics, or PETA members, or Marxists, or what-have-you in a guilt-by-association catchall scheme, but of course you avoid the dirty work of spelling it out yourself).

    It thus means you can avoid being held responsible for your claims because you aren’t talking about any specific group. You can assert whatever you want about the ‘nutroots’ because it’s a made-up smear justified by confirmation bias. Am I close?

    Use the default assumption:

    All of the above.

    William A. Jacobson: “But there was a serious overall point, being the absurd image control and media fawning.”

    Latino: “MSNBC felt the need to protect him by cutting the Dijon comment.”

    John Burke: “it’s the automatic MSNBC response to cover up Obama’s choice of condiment.”

    No one has yet mentioned that MSNBC intentionally edited out the part where Obama and Biden went to the bathroom and washed their hands before eating. In fact, despite all the coverage of the hamburger purchases, the entire MSM has ignored the hand-washing part of the story.

    Why the complete blackout? Obviously this is the liberal media protecting their guys from accusations of being, effete, sanitation-obsessed snobs.

    Will you be brave enough to cover this buried bombshell, Professor? The people deserve the truth!

    Ignatov if they did not wash their hands then that would show that they were dirty individuals not averse to spreading disease.

    Your attempt to be funny fell totally flat because you continue to miss the point. It was about the hypocrisy of the MSM and the fact that they sweat the small stuff.

    Really… who cares what Obama eats…. and this whole episode shows the absurdity of the MSM as well as showing how Obama continues to divert attention from the real and pressing issues.

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