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    Back In The Real World

    Back In The Real World

    Things are not going so well for the administration, or the country:

    And this rather ominous news:

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    Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, et al have been elephants? Especially since 06 when all budgetary matters passed to their exclusive control? Do tell, liar.

    Um, guys. You DO know ‘Anthony’ is either:
    1.) 12 years old and his mom won’t let him use the computer on the weekends because she needs it to organize the next MoveOn meet-up OR
    2.) A little older and he doesn’t have the scratch this week to pay $2.99/minute for Mistress Stephanie to abuse him per his usual custom.

    Bottom line- do not feed the trolls. It detracts from other discourse, which is THEIR intent. Talk around them and over their heads. Refer to them obliquely if you must refer to them at all. (I know, sometimes it is just too hard to do this – mea culpa -but it is still the best way to deal with them IMHO)

    SMSgt Mac, wwll said S’arnt.

    When I was headed for OCS, my dad who was by then a full bull up from pvt E-1 the hard way, said “Listen to your 1SG, they will keep you alive unless they are idiots, and if they are idiots, they will never be 1SG.” I suspect the same is true for the SMSgt.

    It still amazes me the degree to which trolls are allowed (by other commenters’ responses) to threadjack.

    It has since been shown that the “civilian casualties” in that airstricke in Afghanistan were herded to the bomb site after the fact and killed with grenades.

    This is not a new tactic for the enemy. In a similar vein, they have been taking civilian hostages to ambush sites, taking potshots at US convoys and then executing the civilians before fleeing. Result? “US Military kills X number of civilians; claims was fired upon”

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