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    When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Tea Party Crashers

    When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Tea Party Crashers

    Liberals love to quote Sinclair Lewis’ line that “when fascism comes to America, it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross.” Lewis was wrong. We have had the flag and Christianity for over 200 years, but we have not had fascism.

    To the contrary, when fascism comes to America, it will look something like the reaction to the Tea Parties. I do not mean the lunatic rants of the netroots. That’s fine. Mockery, hyperbole, and distortion are not the exclusive province of any one political party or ideology. I also do not mean counter-protests. That is fine too.

    Fascism is not the exercise of free speech, even offensive free speech. Rather, it is the attempt to silence others through subversion and physical disruption. Think brown shirts in pre-war Germany, and anarchists at almost any world economic meeting. And that is what the Tea Party Crasher phenomenon is all about.

    As detailed by Michelle Malkin and others, various groups (mostly from the left, but also from the right) plan to disrupt the Tea Parties by subterfuge. Pretending to be participants to disrupt. Making inflammatory accusations not to express an opinion, but to get the Tea Parties off course or to create a video-opportunity. Co-opting the Tea Parties for another purpose. Phony ambush “interviews” by people pretending to be journalists merely to elicit a reaction. Conduct on the streets similar to the trolls on the internet, who create havoc for the purpose of creating havoc and disrupting the free speech of others.

    When fascism comes to America, it will not be wrapped in the flag or carrying a cross. It will look like it always has looked: Ugly and intolerant.

    UPDATE: See what I mean?

    UNC-CH police released pepper spray and threatened to use a Taser on student protesters Tuesday evening when a crowd disrupted a speech by former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo opposing in-state tuition benefits to unauthorized immigrants.

    Hundreds of protesters converged on Bingham Hall, shouting profanities and accusations of racism while Tancredo and the student who introduced him tried to speak. Minutes into the speech, a protester pounded a window of the classroom until the glass shattered, prompting Tancredo to flee and campus police to shut down the event.

    Here’s the video (h/t Paul Chesser). Things get crazy at the 2 minute mark when protesters take over the podium with a large banner “No One Is Illegal,” and again at the 7 minute mark as the organizers leave. Marching under the banner of “No Human is Illegal,” the students chant “shut it down, no racists in our town.” I didn’t see a single flag or cross.


    Here is another video from the hallway outside the room (h/t Gateway Pundit):


    UPDATE No. 2: Michelle Malkin has more video and links.

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    I guess you can’t answer the question then William? Where were your tea parties while Bush and teh GOP ballooned the deficit/debt by trillions (when there was no economic emergency)? You have zero credibility my friend.

    Anyway, the point you ignore: a couple people disrupting a protest is not facism. You sound completely unhinged and hysterical when you make such a claim.

    Biggest tax cut in history?


    Does this include those little ditties not typically included in this sales pitch–like the impending Cap-n’Trade Gaia earth goddess crap that will be effectively a tax on almost all products now transferred to most all of us, regardless of overall tax rate?

    Do any serious economists REALLY believe that a 3% tax hike on the upper 2% of earners is going to cover even the freight charge on the tens of trillions of dollars we’re now in hock to?

    Do the retractions on the Bush tax cuts not count in your estimation?

    We’ll see next April. Currently we have a situation where it’s true that about 45% of us pay no Federal tax at all. I doubt Obama could get away with extending that margin of non-payers.

    Too many open crocodile mouths to feed at this point.

    I enjoy the comments from the loony left, because they demonstrate the ignorance of those who don’t carefully read the post about which they are commenting. The post is clear that the threat to democracy in this country is not from those wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross (which is a fairly standard liberal mantra both explicitly and implicitly), but from those who are intolerant of speech they don’t like and seek to silence that speech. In this country, that threat is almost exclusively from the far left, and Obama supporters, as the videos show. Conservatives, moderate Democrats, and independents don’t take over the stage when a liberal is speaking. These groups also don’t make plans to sabotage liberal rallies, as liberals have done with regard to the Tea Parties. The fact that liberals plan, but don’t act, doesn’t change the intent.

    And my post doesn’t say that we are fascist as a result, but such tyranny is what fascism would look like if it ever came to the U.S. The truth hurts those who can’t stand someone who disagrees with them, but it’s my blog, so you can’t shut it down as much as you might like.

    Whatever it’s called, I don’t think I’m going to like it. It’s definitely a form of community organizing, whether it more closely matches communism, fascism, or socialism, is the debate I guess. I don’t know how left leaning persons defend whatever it is as Americanism, or what they are calling this new era besides Hope and Change.

    I’m glad to that none of the planning referred to in the original version of the post seems to have come to fruition. I’d like to think that was more hysteria than reality. That would imply better things about the citizens of this country.

    It is interesting to see people such as MrRadium, who assume that nobody minded Bush’s expansion of the debt, or assume that because some backing has materialized for the protests that they must be entirely astroturf (fake grassroots). In three months Obama has managed to increase the debt by more than Bush did in years. Should that not be the subject of protest? Is it not plausible that the normal people who will pay that debt are opposed to it without being incited by corporate or media interests?

    The Heckler’s Veto referenced in the videos is certainly a fact of life non-liberal life as well. It’s been happening for years in speeches such as that. I’m sure many have seen the more pedestrian version of it on the internet — just try putting up a non-liberal comment on the Huffington Post or similar forums and watch them shout you down, as opposed to refuting your arguments. They seem to accept the idea that weight of numbers implies correctness of ideas.

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