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    Andrew Sullivan Still Silent On Obama-Chavez LoveFest

    Andrew Sullivan Still Silent On Obama-Chavez LoveFest

    Andrew Sullivan complained that as of 7:27 p.m. on April 16, 2009 (approximately three hours after the interrogation memos were released by DOJ), none of DrudgeReport, Instapundit, Michelle Malkin or Pajamas Media had a post on the topic:

    No mention of the torture memos appears right now on the Drudge Report (which provides news of a prank at Dominos pizza), Instapundit (which mentions the new DVD for the Lord of The Rings trilogy), Pajamas Media, or Michelle Malkin. They are reacting to the evidence of war crimes committed by the president of the United States the way they did at the time the crimes were committed.

    I have this to report. As of this moment in time, approximately 24 hours after Barack Obama yucked it up with Hugo Chavez, one of the worst abusers of press and individual freedom, agent of Iran and Hezbollah, supplier of support to FARC narco-terrorists, jailer of opposition political opponents, closer of opposition televisions stations, user of street thugs to beat the opposition silly, soon to be President-For-Life:

    Andrew Sullivan’s blog still does not have a post on the Obama-Chavez LoveFest, although he does have a post titled “It hurts when I pee.”Others who are maintaining radio silence include Matthew Yglesias, anyone else at Think Progress, Ezra Klein, Glenn Greenwald, FireDogLake, Talk Left, Crooks and Liars, DailyKos, and I’m sure there are more, but I can’t check everyone (note, Oliver Willis and Comments from Left Field do mention it).

    Does not mentioning something constitute agreement or reflect one’s position or if only a few hours have passed, mean the matter never will be addressed? Of course not, after all Obama says he likes to know what he is talking about before he speaks.

    But if it’s good enough for Andrew Sullivan to play that game, it’s good enough for me.

    Something to joke about: Obama Channels Seinfeld
    Something not to joke about: American Roxana Saberi sentenced to 8 years in prison in Iran.

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    Not to be snarky, but what in the world would make you think AS would or even should talk abut it? It’s so far from his usual targets that it’s all but impossible.

    True conservative and all that. And even then, we insist that he’s. . .relevant, or something.

    Back in 2007, I did a series of Posts on the rising Anti-semitism that could be found at the Daily Kos (I centered on one poster named The heathlander).

    I sent 5 emails asking Sullivan, isn’t this an imporatant issue? Why should those who Hate Jews and Hate Bush be friends?

    Never got a reply. Never got linked.

    He is a hypocrite and a misoginist.


    The only way you’re going to get Sullivan to blog about this is if it suddenly comes out that Chavez is the actual father of Trig Palin.

    It wouldn’t even have to “come out.” All it would take is a dubiously sourced and improbably rumor that Hugo was Trig’s dad. In fact, your comment would be enough, if Andrew reads this post.

    Good reporting. Though the “It hurts when I pee” poster was fabulously itneresting. Are you fucking kidding me? One thing I hate about the blogosphere is how everybody is expected to report on everything, and if they don’t then they must be hiding something. Back when I ran my own blog, I got around this issue by having a Republican guest blogger and blaming him if something wasn’t posted (he was consistent and didn’t need to be blamed for much), but some bloggers just don’t have the time to do everything. Further, it’s a fucking handshake.. I mean, jesus. Lovefest? Pshaw!.

    Real reporting is at least contacting those you write about and asking them questions. I doubt this blogger did such.

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